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18 vs 2018 in UID

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Is there a particular reason why the full year is used in UID instead of the just the last two digits? (eg. 201803202136 vs. 1803202136)?

I'm considering switching to the shorter version to save screen space but want to make sure there isn't a potential longevity or data silo issue here.


  • I thought of that too, I'm absolutely sure I won't live to see 2100 or catch up with y3k.

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    At that point, you can just run a quick macro to add "20" to the front of your old notes....if we are even using txt files and not overrun by robots ;-)

  • It is easier to scan if you use the ID as a time-stamp. It seems to be mostly true for people that have some memories of writing dates back in the 90s and earlier.

    Longevity: You open better opportunities to automatically dump some of your research in the past. (It can be in the future that I develop some tools that require to pretend that I had written something in the past)

    But is shouldn't be an issue for the mechanics of the work. (linking, automatisation etc.)

    I am a Zettler

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    Use two digit years and you're just begging for disaster at the rollover, when your notes on Kant's Critiques bring down the nearest hydroelectric plant. When that happens I don't want to be weighing those damages against the minor convenience of shorter IDs. In fact I say we go with kurzgesagt and launch 5 digit years already. ---- 230312018.txt

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