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Notes for Content AND the Rhetorics: Can I and Should I?


This is my first post here, and I am utterly new to Zettelkasten and to the Archive. I have all of ten notes, most concerning Ahrens' book, but I have now read a large number of thoughtful threads.

When I read something, there are many layers of meaning that I may want to capture. Many authors I adore are not just fantastic with the ideas they present ("the content") but also with how they present these (e.g., interesting rhetorical techniques or some le mot juste or absurd but instructive juxtapositions, to name a few).

As I start my ZK journey, would those of you who have long travelled this route consider it a folly to try capturing both or would you consider it utterly common and doable? What pitfalls would you have me peel my eyes for?

My reasons for capturing the rhetorical bits: I want to learn to write.

Some craziness potentially comes from two kinds of links among notes: note 1 may be related to note 2 because they are conceptually connected but note 1 may be related to note 3 because of a rhetorical kinship. There must be other dangers I do not foresee.

Thoughts? Advice?



  • I don't see any issues. Instead of stripping the idea itself from its wording you can keep the quote and elaborate on what makes the wording so terrific.

    I think of a joke: Keep the joke but then explain a lot what makes this joke so special.

    I am a Zettler

  • Thanks, @Sascha. I will keep at it.

  • Ah, forgot something obvious: I have many definitions and models next to each other.

    Example: I have five different definitions of attention and keep them on separate notes. A Structure Note dedicated to conceptional work on attention links to all of them.

    I am a Zettler

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