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A web-based, subscription-model Zettelkasten sounds like a really bad idea, but I'm still curious whether they've implemented any handy features that might be adapted to a system where the user has more control. Has anyone tried Auratikum?


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    Thanks for the pointer to Auratikum.

    It looks like a tool for students who work project-oriented.

    As long as there is no export feature to get notes out of Auratikum in a standard format it sure is not fit for use as a life long zettelkasten.

    But it looks quite nice as a blend between Evernote and Scrivener with some additional features thrown in.

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    Hi there,

    I am one of the developers of Auratikum and happy to write, that due to extensive user feedback regarding the backup functionality, we implemented a full backup option. The backup is not encrypted and you can download a simple json file (references in CSL json format) that can be used to restore your zettelkasten or to use it by yourself (for example, write a simple script that creates plain-text .txt files for each note like Sascha Fasts structure - should be 10 lines of python code).

    Let me know if you have any other concerns or feature requests, the system is quite new and we are happy to develop more features :smile:

    Give it a try: https://auratikum.de/

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