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Paper Zettelkasten?

Anybody here keeping a physical Zettelkasten? The limitations are obvious, but I love writing on paper with pen and pencil. I love holding notes in my hands.

I also really dig The Archive and love the idea of easy searching and tagging. Just curious if anybody's making it work on good ol' paper.


  • I personally am flirting with the idea to start a physical Zettelkasten as a side project. Perhaps for a Chose Your Own Adventure

    I am a Zettler

  • I posted about a notebook Zettelkasten not too long ago, which is of course paper: Notebook Zettelkasten. I use this for first drafts and doing stuff on the go, but its not meant to be the long term archive. I would recommend you use note cards and not something like a notebook for the long term if you're going to stick with paper.

    As an aside, and completely off-topic, turns out the internet is a small place. Letter Seventeen thanks you @joegilder for all your work at home studio corner.

  • Haha Small world indeed. My paper system consists of half-letter individual sheets of paper, so it behaves the same way as index cards, but doesn't take up nearly as much space. 😊

  • I wrote this yesterday about having a paper-based ZK and still using digital notes with metadata and increase the usefulness of the ZK.


    Hope it works for you

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