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Since this is mostly for us few beta testers and developers, there's not much going on -- but we want to keep this forum for a while, so your ideas are very welcome!

For example:

  • What kind of things do you want to talk about?
  • What categories/sub-forums do you suggest we add?

As I said: make this your place, make yourself comfy, and tell us what to change!

-- Christian

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  • In terms of categories, I could see the usual suspects as a good fit : feature requests and bug reports, either as sub-categories of The Archive Beta or as tags.

    I would see another one where stuff like this would find a home. This kind of stuff is not tied to The Archive but emerge from a broader topic.

    Other than that, subjects like the Zettelkasten methodology itself and anything related to knowledge management are of great interest to me. I often find great ressources and inspiration at Zettelkasten.de. That might be a category in itself.

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    Ok, so we have

    • finer grained Archive Beta reports (I'd suggest a simpler convention of [BUG] or [REQUEST] in the title instead)
    • technology in general (like URL schemes)
    • the Zettelkasten Method

    I was also thinking about a project log or something, where people can post about research project progress and their challenges. Any comments on that?

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  • I vote for the subcategories @maclm suggested. If we want to separate them there should be ingrained in the forum software. Conventions often will become diluted, confused or worse. :smile:

    I am a Zettler

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