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Does The Archive work with apple M1?

I’m new to the Zettelkasten system. I can’t believe I just learned about this amazing process! In searching for an app I can across The Archive and it seems better than the others. Is it working with the M1 Mac books? Also, where is my data stored?


  • It's compatible with Big Sur and works on Silicon Macs.

    By default, The Archive stores your stuff in

    ~/Library/Notes (The Archive)

    You are encouraged to switch the location where your notes are stored to something else, like a synchronized Dropbox/iCloud Drive/... folder. It's really just a folder of plain text, so no matter where you store it, you can get back to your files.

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  • Yea I am also amazed that I have only recently discovered this system. No idea on the new M1 Mac books but I can not see why not - the data is stored in normal text files on your computer. You just specify the root directory (can have switch between more than one of these)

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