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How to move Zettelkasten to new computer

How would somebody move the Zettelkasten to a new computer?


  • The joy, if you're doing it with, say, The Archive, is that everything is in plain text. So all you need to do is transfer the folder from your current computer to the new computer, using whatever method you find easiest. So, USB stick, direct cable, via an intermediary in the cloud, etc etc.

  • And if you sync your folder of text files to Dropbox, they'll just show up on your new machine once you install Dropbox.

  • In my case, moving the ZK is as simple as installing Dropbox in a new computer.

    My ZK is in two folders, a folder containing plain text files (.txt) and an image folder (about 900 MB) both stored in Dropbox (Mac, iPad, Android phone). Other files as pdfs are everywhere in and outside the Dropbox folder but they have good filenames so I can find them relatively fast and easy.

    The reason for a folder with images is that I use iA Writer and constantly switch to the markdown preview mode to see my notes. My notes have images and figures next to the text that describes the images.

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