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[SOLVED] [REQUEST] Additional menu items

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I'm pretty new to Zettelkasten but I've been obsessively reading about it and have started transferring my current note archive to my new ZK. Anyway, I finally feel I know just enough to make comments/feature requests… so here goes!

I'm picky about my keyboard shortcuts and I also use Alfred app extensively so I would love to see a couple things added:

  1. Add the "Copy Link" contextual menu item to the menu bar so its keyboard shortcut can be targeted in prefs → keyboard → shortcuts or make it editable as a contextual menu item like "Copy Title" currently is.
  2. Add an "Open…" menu item so new documents can be opened directly in The Archive. I use Alfred to do this with a number of other apps, but The Archive is the first one I've come across that throws an error ("The Archive cannot open files in the “MultiMarkdown Text Document” format."). I assume this is due to the lack of an Open… dialogue.

Other than that I'm loving the app and looking forward to its development!

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  • I was considering to change the "Open" functionality to an import, i.e. open the note as a copy in the managed folder. That could be a surprise, though, and maybe we'd be better off with a dedicated "Import" instead. We'll have to experiment on that, but thanks for bringing it up again!

    The "Copy Link" suggestion makes sense, will fix in the next Cutting Edge update.

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  • Yeah I'm with you on an Open menu item functioning as an import being confusing. However, you could have a normal "Open" function as well as an "Open and Import" function since they serve different purposes. Having the two options would make it unambiguous.

    Another thing I would love to see is multiple window functionality for the same reason I posted the feature request to keep the current window active when searching. For my workflow I really want my active document to be stable until I actually click on another document… but I need to be able to freely search my ZK.

  • The "Copy Link" menu item is implemented, and I am tracking the import functionality elsewhere, so I'm closing this one. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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