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Hey guys, I've been using a custom theme that I think has some value. Let me know what you think!


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    @nickmilo22 I am old and not really attracted to a dark theme. But really, thanks! for the inspiration at looking at customizing a theme.
    Here is what I've come up with. This is what the editor looks like.

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    Will Simpson

  • I generally prefer light over dark themes, but I think it looks pretty good! I would, however, take a second look at the red on dark red code blocks, as they jump out maybe a bit too much from everything else.

    Also, you probably don't want to go overboard with a theme description like Mr. Novelist here :wink:, but I think if you added a screenshot to your post, others would find that very useful, because many might be a bit reluctant to download and install a theme file, just to see how it looks.

    If you like The Archive's "PrettyFunctional (Basic)" theme, consider upgrading to the "PrettyFunctional (Regular)" theme.

  • I'm really liking both of these. Thanks for the new themes both of you!

    (for those coming along before @nickmilo22 puts in a screenshot, it's a dark semi-Solarized look, but with some interesting custom color choices that I think are really nice).

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    No screenshot...that was me not thinking this through! Here it is below. @Will thanks for sharing your theme; it's a great light theme. @Basil You're right, my codeblocks are ugly. I don't use them so I didn't realize that. Does anyone use code for non-code purposes by the way? For example, I like the way the tick marks look as a sort of way to bold things. Will I run in trouble later if I start doing that? @mediapathic Thanks for giving any interested people the downlow!

  • @nickmilo22 Code blocks can be used for other things besides code - fixed text or something wanting special call out or tables.
    Example by @Basil at https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/222/theme-prettyfunctional-regular.

    Will Simpson

  • @nickmilo22 if you think your theme is ready for prime time, we can add it to the repo:

    If you're comfortable with GitHub, simply open a Pull Request with the new theme file so people can see who wrote this. Otherwise, send the stuff to me via mail and I'll upload it.

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  • @ctieze Thanks for the vote of confidence. I think it needs a few tweaks first, especially to the codeblocks, then I will definitely need help with uploading it to GitHub properly. I'll send you an email when it's ready!

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    After many tweaks, here's the final theme that I've been using to great effect. The picture I'm attaching is much more colorful than how it's used practically, so I've attached another, more practical example. And a third, personalized version. @ctieze, I'll email you the file. Thanks!

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