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[SOLVED] Using alternative spell checkers

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Hello, is there a way to activate and use alternative spell checkers such as Grammarian? It appears that the way in which The Archive implements spell checking prevents Grammarian and other alternative spell checkers from functioning properly... this may have something to do with the “creator bundle” implemented within or for The Archive.

Thanks for any feedback.

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  • Thanks for bringing this up, @jefe! I wasn't aware of external spell checkers until now, so I never tried how to integrate with them. I put it on my to-do list when I look at better app integration in general and will then investigate!

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  • Glad this is on your list @ctietze. I've been using a writing spell checker/grammar checker/writing assistant called Grammarly and am really liking its integration into various apps including Chrome so it is helping me with this post! Will be nice when this kind of tool is available in The Archive. For us poor spellers and grammar dunces, this will be a wonderful helpful crutch.

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  • Thanks for adding it to what I am sure is a very LONG list @ctietze! The built-in spell checker in TA is pretty good, but dedicated spell checkers such as Grammarian and Grammarly add much more functionality that would not be worth your time to include and I need all the help since English is not my native language.

  • @ctietze, here is the response from the Grammarian team regarding Apps that are not compatible with it as of 7/21/17 (I know nothing about software development, but it appears to not be very complex to solve this issue):

    Question: An app is not making corrections during interactive checking or during pasting changes.

    This issue is not Grammarian PRO2. Grammarian PRO2 is compatible with all Mac applications and has been since 2001. Recently, some new apps are showing up that are not closely following Apple's Interface Guidelines. The compatibility issue is that the new apps are not including a required four-char creator type entry in their bundle plist. The creator type gives the app an identity, and the system uses this to distinguish the app from other apps. The problem is that Grammarian PRO2 asks the system to bring the writing app back to the front to make changes in the front document. The system does not know the target app's identity. So, the command fails.

    List of reported apps:

    1. AirMail - email - We were notified by the developer that this is now fixed in the next version.
    2. Apple Notes

    This list is compiled from customer reports and will be updated as we receive new data. 7/21/17

  • @Will, I also looked at Grammarly but decided against it mainly due to the annual subscription fee. Another issue with Grammarly is that it is not a native Mac App and requires an internet connection to use. While I am not certain, I also think that it monitors your typing and as such, is not the most secure since anything you type is being captured.

    Take a look at Grammarian here... I think it’s a great value for only $45.

  • @jefe Thanks for getting in touch with them! Their response made me curious as there is no required code I know of. Will investigate and already asked them directly!

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  • @jefe Can you check the latest v1.2.0 from the Cutting Edge channel and see if it fixes your problem?

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  • @ctietze, I just intalled CE v1.2.0 and am able to use Grammarian as my default spellchecker!

    Thanks for such a quick fix, this is very useful to anyone using or considering using a 3rd-party spellchecker.

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