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[SOLVED] [REQUEST] - clicking the app icon opens the current archive

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I would like for clicking the app icon in the dock to open the current archive.

I am often in a state where the app is running with no open windows. My expectation is that clicking the app icon will open a window, but it doesn’t. It focuses the application without providing a window. I have to do Window > New Tab (cmd-t) to get a window.

Correct me if I’m totally missing something.

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  • That is part of the latest updates already, on the Cutting Edge channel, but not on the "main release" one. Can you double-check it works for you?

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  • @ctietze I can confirm that it works for me. // @blake

  • @ctietze Oh cool. I didn’t even realize there was a Cutting Edge release channel. Awesome. Yes I can confirm it does open a window if needed.

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