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Mardown wiki-links vs regular links

Hi everyone,

I've just gotten started with my Zettelkasten and I'm wondering why someone would want to use wiki-links [[this-is-a-link]] as opposed to regular links [link](another-file.txt) which seem much more widely adopted.

Thank you


  • @frowing: when I 1st came across wiki-links I was quite thrilled by the ease of use. Nevertheless, in the past 5 years I have changed note-taking app several times, and have had to move to another computer a couple of times, incl. going from Windows to Linux to Mac. I soon realised that an important aspect of note-taking is portability, and the ability to pick up the thread easily in the new environment.

    In the new environment the wiki-links are reduced to the name of the note, whereas regular links show the location (the bit between the (....) brackets). Repairing those links can be done relatively easily with a find&replace tool, whereby the old location syntax is replaced by the new location syntax. If the old and new location are similar in set-up, so much the better and easier.

    As far as I can tell repairing wiki-links is a manual job, and very time-consuming.

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