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Current State of the Art for bulk renaming files (Mac)?

I know there's been some discussion of this here, but 1) I can't find it and 2) things may have changed, so I'm asking again.

What's the current recommended tool for bulk renaming files in a ZK context? I want to experiment with this new bracket-based fogelzettel technique and to do so I want to bulk add bracketed categories based on search.

Need to have:
Change 202003251552 CLOCKS cool thing.md to 202003251552 {3} CLOCKS cool thing.md based on searching for CLOCKS in the title.

Would be nice to have, but not sure if feasible:
Search for every file that contains #clocks in the body and append a {3} after the UID in the title.

I feel like there was a wildly advanced renaming software that I think @ctietze mentioned that could do complex things like the latter. Did I just dream that?


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