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KM Macro: Create New Zettel from Selection

The aim of this Keyboard Maestro macro is to recreate a feature from @rene 's Sublimeless_ZK, wherein a new zettel can be created from a selection of text by pressing Shift+Return.

I use this quite often when making new zettel from notes collected my Inbox, or when splitting a long zettel into pieces.


  • The first line of the selected text becomes the title of the new zettel. NOTE: A problem could arise if the "first line" is a whole paragraph. To avoid this, I always write a "title line" above what I want the body of the zettel to be.
  • Everything below the first line becomes the body of the new zettel.
  • A link to the new note gets inserted in the place where the text originated.
  • The new note gets header, which can be formatted any way you like, with the possibility of including a backlink to the original note.


  • This macro is set to my own formatting preferences, but it can easily be adjusted to your own liking.
  • If there is a more elegant way of accomplishing all of this, I would love to know. This is somewhat duct-taped together, but it has been working for me so far. :)

New Zettel From Selection.kmmacros


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