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Cross platform working?

Hi, I know this has been discussed in a few posts but since time and apps move on, could I please get latest views on the best way to work cross platform. On my Mac, I use The Archive. But I'm often working away from the Mac and use my iPad. I like to use Drafts to get the Zettels in to the Dropbox folder; is 1Writer still the best editor to work with them?

What about windows? Typora?

Thanks in advance.


  • I'm still pretty pleased with 1Writer on my phone / ipad. I also use Drafts the same way you are here.

  • My setup:

    • Mac : The Archive + MacVim

    iOS : 1Writer + Drafts

  • After trying and getting tired of finding The Best Editor for each platform, right now I simply use TiddlyWiki for Mac Windows and Android.

  • @Brownie said:
    After trying and getting tired of finding The Best Editor for each platform, right now I simply use TiddlyWiki for Mac Windows and Android.

    I love TiddlyWiki in principle, but I have never found a use case for it that doesn't get ludicrously slow at scale. Also I fear it for long-term storage.

  • I use The Archive at home on macOS, Rene's sublimesless_zk on Windows, and 1Writer + TextExpander on iOS. I usually am interacting with my system at work.

    My ideal setup would have Dropbox sync my zk folder, but Dropbox is blocked at work. So I use git and some scripts to periodically commit and push to a personal repository on GitHub. The downside is having to manually pull and push when switching platforms.

    With Dropbox, 1Writer does a great job following links, searching, and listing tags. With my git backend, I have to use Working Copy for iOS to sync, and I lose a lot of that functionality. Within 1Writer, you can issue Working Copy commands and list it as a source, but there is a lot of friction in that process.

  • I prefer ia Writer to using Drafts or 1Writer. Though Drafts can export formatted notes to your Archive folder, I found it frustrating that I had to use a different app to browse my notes on mobile. Ia Writer also doesn't crash like 1Writer often did for me.

  • On iOS, I prefer 1Writer, because it can sync with Dropbox and I can create powerful Javascript action.

    For example, if I have one or several references at the end of a note (I copy/paste references from BibDesk, with MMD format), the following action makes inserting a citation straightforward:

    const text = editor.getText();
    const res = text.match(/[#.*]:/g);
    if (res != null) {
    if (res.length == 1) {
    const range = editor.getSelectedRange();
    editor.replaceSelection("[]" + res[0].substring(0, res[0].length-1));
    } else {
    var select = Array();
    for(i = 0; i < res.length; i++) {
    ui.list('Select Reference', select, false, function(a,b) {
    if (b === undefined) {
    ui.hudError("No reference selected");
    } else {
    editor.replaceSelection("[]" + res[b].substring(0, res[b].length-1));
    } else {
    ui.hudError('No reference found');

  • I use neovim as my text editor across all platforms, using syncthing to share both my config and my notes.

    I use the vim-markdown plugin to add some things like the ge shortcut that lets you move between local files easily.

    On iOS I use 1Writer and Dropbox, and check once a day or so on the website and transfer it across to my proper zettelkasten

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