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New App: Notenik

Notenik is something I just came across that seems pretty relevant to this community. It stores notes in .md, and has a bunch of opinionated methods that seem in line with Zettelkasten techniques. Disadvantages: each note gets a UID time stamp, but linking between the notes does not use that by default. Also USE CAUTION if applying this to existing notes, because it imposes its opinionated methods and adds metadata to the beginning of files the moment you view them. So, my file that started

tags: #clocks 
# 201906132307 CLOCKS NOTES Paragraph Summary

Now looks like

Title:  201906132307 CLOCKS NOTES Paragraph Summary

status: 0 - Idea


---tags: #clocks 
# 201906132307 CLOCKS NOTES Paragraph Summary

Because I viewed it in Notenik.

But, if you are starting from zero, or making some sort of dedicated set of files outside your normal ZK, it may be worth looking into.


  • Quick addendum: in further reading the docs, the developer links back to this site when mentioning Zettelkasten, so they may be reading. If so, hi!

  • I wish it didn't do that pre-pending business. Glad to see other developments in the PKM space though

  • Hi, this is the developer for Notenik. Thanks for your interest in my app. Be sure and check out latest release notes at Notenik.net and latest version in the Mac App Store. The app is evolving pretty rapidly. Others have commented on the way that Notenik handles existing collections of Notes in legacy formats, and the latest versions do a much better job in that regards. Cheers!

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