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[RESOLVED] The Archive 1.4.6 not working for me

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I updated to 1.4.6 yesterday. Did not need it that day. This morning, it does not open my notes. Switch Archive and Preferences are both grayed out. Should I download again? If not, what?

BTW, this is a good advert for plain text storage, because I can of course still read my notes.



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    If these are greyed out, downloading and moving the app to /Application before opening it could indeed help. There do exist macOS-level problems of finding parts of the app's resources when you move an app while it's running, for example. Your case sounds different, though. If downloading it again doesn't help, please get in touch via email and share your system details!

    The previous version, as a fallback, is available here: The Archive v1.4.5

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  • Thanks Cristian. I downloaded again by hand (rather than the automated update), moved it into Applications, and it worked perfectly. Thanks again.

  • Great to hear :)

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