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How long should a Zettel be?

Again, I am new to this process so I appreciate any input. I have started my Zettelkasten. This morning I was processing a note I took while reading yesterday. I found my mind exploding with thoughts and probably could have wrote a full page or maybe two. I understand that a Zettel is supposed to be short though where do you stop? Should you take a full page of notes and reprocess it into many linked Zettels?


  • If you find it flows easier on larger pieces of paper, it could pay off to play with ideas on larger paper first, then extract the gist to note cards. That's quite similar to some techniques for making excerpts from books: try to fit stuff on a sheet of paper, then reduce it to half the size, then again half of that, until you can remember the contents with very little initial input (e.g. a mere title or tagline)

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