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Forcing every Mac app to respect your most beloved keyboard shortcuts

Found this article by accident today: https://finestructure.co/blog/2017/10/21/system-wide-editing-shortcuts-on-macos

Sven explains how you can customize system wide keyboard shortcuts based on the Cocoa text system that powers almost every text field in any Mac app. For almost every conceivable text manipulation, there’s a combination of built-in commands you can employ. For a list of supported functions, see: http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~jrus/site/selectors.html

Makes me wonder why we developers add commands like “uppercase selection” to our text editors at all when users would be able to do that system-wide. Maybe if only the configuration was a bit less annoying ... :)

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    Another great inspiration for keybindings is this article from Brett Terpstra. A must-read IMHO.

    But the second resource you pointed out is pretty darn good !

    Unfortunately, you're right, configuration is sometimes difficult. Maybe there's an opportunity for a new mac app here... :wink:

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