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[SOLVED] [REQUEST] Quicker entry of new notes

Hello. I would like it if the creators of The Archive app can make it so that if I want to create a new file in the app, that I don't have to go to the drop down menu and choose.

When my ideas come to me, I sometimes only have seconds to write them down so I don't forget, otherwise I won't have another chance. The idea will be gone. Taking the time to do the drop down menu when my the idea in my head is just about to slip away means that sometimes I'll never have written down what that idea was so I can expand on it later.

If the function to create a new file in The Archive is in the area circled in the pic below, it will be much easier.

That being said, I think I'm gonna love The Archive!!!

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  • Hi, maybe I do not understand your question, but is it not the -N hotkey that creates a new Zettel immediately?

  • Question: Would it make The Archive app cumbersome if my idea were adopted in addition to what might already be there?

  • @ThisIsNotMyUsername How do you create notes now? When you say "Dropdown menu", do you mean the "Note" main menu?

    If so, you can always create a new note by entering a title in the Omnibar (the part you circled red) and hit Return. This will either jump to the editor if a note of the same title has been found (it'll be displayed already), or create a new note if no good match was found. Would that be helpful?

    Also try the Quick Entry helper to jot down ideas from anywhere!

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  • @ctietze what is this quick entry helper? and when you say 'from anywhere', does that mean when you are in another app it opens the archive?

    I use Cmd+N for a new note, or [[Cmd+U when I'm already in a note, it seems pretty quick, but if there is an even better way then by all means, useful to know :)

  • @ctietze what is this quick entry helper? I use a Keyboard Maestro macro that is available anywhere that prompts for a title and then launches or brings The Archive to the front and creates a note from my basic template.

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  • The Quick Entry Helper is an option in the preferences menu called Quick Entry Shortcut.

    Assign whatever hotkey you want. When you hit your hotkey, you're presented with a popup for super-fast note capturing:

  • @nickmilo22 Thanks! I saw that in preferences but I have no idea how to press all those keys at once. Is that first one the up arrow? Is the third one backslash? Reassigning it to my own hotkey sounds better - so do I do that through System Preferences > Keyboard > App shortcuts? Thing is, I understand you need to type in the menu command you want to substitute, and I don't know how to call 'Go to Archive' etc. Is there a better way?

  • @steph in The Archive's preferences menu, you can assign your quick entry shortcut to anything you'd like, really. You shouldn't even have to enter System Preferences. Below, I just changed mine to Opt-Cmd-8.

    Just be careful not to make your shortcut something that's already a shortcut for something else, i.e., don't choose a single letter, like "m", because then you wouldn't be able to type an 'm'! That's why it's ideal to choose some obscure combo that you can simply/easily press.

    FYI, when you create a hotkey/shortcut you usually pair a keystroke (like "m" or "8") with a modifier key or two.
    Below, from left to right you have: Shift, Control, Option, Command:

  • AHHAAA!! Got it, cheers dude.
    That makes WAY more sense than thinking all those symbols in there are the actual shortcut!

    Makes me wonder what else I am needlessly complicating...

    Thanks again x

  • I think the case is solved, then? @ThisIsNotMyUsername if you meant something else, please chime in again :)

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