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Sorting Notes by Date

I'm just about to make the move from NVALT to The Archive and love it so far. Which is quite a big step for me :-)
There's one thing I don't get though.. so apologies if this is totally obvious: is there a way to sort/search notes by creation or modification date?
Thanks in advance, Michele


  • Yes,
    View->Sort By->Modification Date

    Sorting by creation date is usually done by sorting by title (which is another option in sort-by menu) - it is functional in case you name your notes starting with UID, which is composed by reverse date (20190819...) - which is recommended approach. There is not sorting by creation date per se.

  • Ah that's it! It was pretty obvious.. Many thanks.

    (btw I didn't mean to post this thread in 'Knowledge Processing' but couldn't move it after saving it).

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