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[REQUEST] Option to have the note list above the editor area instead of left to it

At the moment the note list in TA is between the sidebar for Saved Searches and the editor area. This has two disadvantages for me:

  1. When I use TA in Split Screen mode, I always have to hide the note list with cmd-ctrl-S – otherwise the editor area is too small.
  2. Even outside Split Screen mode having the note list on the side is not ideal for me because my note titles start with the UID (in the usual format YYYYMMDDHHMM) and therefore a lot of the note title is not visible in the narrow list. This often makes finding notes more difficult.

nvALT (and other similar apps like FSNotes) provide the option to show the note list above the editor area. This would solve both of the above problems. Would it be possible (and a good idea) to make that an option in TA as well?

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