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Ran into Niklas Luhmann while...

Part of my studies is leading to John Cage's Lecture on Nothing. He was an influential composer active in the late 50's - early 60's infamous for a piece titled 4'33". What leads me here was that this piece is 4 minutes 33 seconds of silence. Not absolute silence, but that is another story. Silence is a vast and interesting topic of study for me. Anyways, I was bowled over by the serendipitous find of references to Luhmann I found while reading and processing Simon Aeberhard (2017): Writing the ephemeral. John Cage's Lecture on Nothing as a landmark in media history, Journal of Sonic Studies, 2017, Vol. 13 - @Aeberhard:2017aa.

These references are of Luhmann's work as a sociologist without reference to his Zettelkasten but interesting none the less. He references to proto-musical communications leading to the development of language.

Will Simpson
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