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Converting previous research?

I apologize if this, my first post ever, either repeats a previously asked question or appears in the wrong topic.

I have yet to see anyone discuss if and how one might go about beginning a ZK by converting/implementing previous research notes (likely not ZK approved). Why would I want to do this, you ask? I am fortunately just now discovering the method, but I am unfortunately already well into dissertation research.

Any thoughts from you seasoned ZK wizards out there?



  • Depends on what you got :)

    If you, like the Professors at Bielefeld University, have Work docs full of lists, then grab yourself a doc-to-Markdown converter and plain-text-ify your stuff. Throw it into your archive. Maybe add a tag like #_imported (I'm suggesting adding an underscore or other special character to distinguish this "meta" tag from regular topical tags) or collect a list of to-do-notes as a separate note in your archive. Then extract things as you go. Like a good boy scout, leave the to-be-imported notes in a better shape every time you encounter them. Eventually, things should work out.

    Of course you can dedicate time to this task to speed things up, but this should get you started quickly -- and in a playful way where you can discover what works as you move along.

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  • Here is a link to an online RTF to Markdown converter. Referenced From Brett Terpstra's website. http://markitdown.medusis.com or if you have Ulysses app just drag the file to the app for conversion.

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