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Question: How to manage citations in your Zettel notes using MultiMarkdown and BibDesk?

@ctietze said:
Since Rene advocates the Pandoc way here, let me chime in with MultiMarkdown:


I picked (and still prefer) MMD over Pandoc for Zettel notes because it's easy to make the notes self-contained by defining the citekey and its contents at the bottom of the note.

See Manage Citations for a Zettelkasten
from 2013 for some screenshots.

@ctietze, I have a few questions related to MultiMarkdown and BibDesk I would be very grateful if you could reply to:

  1. Do you use MMD for all your notes (why/why not)?
  2. When it comes to the settings in BibDesk, which you nicely describe here, I can see on this image that your Cite Command Style is set to \citet, where I have \cite. I don't know what difference that make, but it seems I cannot edit it manually. Could you help me out here?
  3. When you find a paper you would like to read, in for example Google Scholar, how do you go about adding the metadata and pdf to BibDesk? Are there any shortcuts add-ons to uses? I have so far used Emacs and helm-bib-tex, but I have had a very manual cut-and-paste workflow there when adding new references, so would be very happy to get some support here to get started quickly with BibDesk. I have one folder with all my pdfs and they are all named [citekey].pdf.


  • Good you split this off, deleted the duplicate from https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/95/techniques-pdf-annotation to avoid confusion

    1. MMD is a superset of Markdown, so yes :) Note headers are now not MMD metadata blocks anymore but simple level-1-headings. Still valid Markdown/MMD.
    2. My current settings use \cite, too. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was a deliberate change form \citet when I found out how to set up LaTeX/BibLaTeX to use the format I want. You should be able to click into the text box in the BibDesk settings and just remove the "t" (or add it back in). Otherwise, sounds like a bug you should report.
    3. I don't work with papers much, so I'm fine with copy & paste. Still, I look for .bib file downloads (which are offered surprisingly often) directly on the website of publications, or of my local University's library. My PDF naming scheme is the same, btw.

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  • Thanks for your quick reply, @ctietze! :)

  • @ctietze Stupid question maybe, but in order to write in MMD, is it necessary to use the file extension .mmd?

  • The short answer: No, you don't need to.

    The long answer: File extensions are used by macOS to determine which default app to open the file with when you run the open command in the Terminal or double-click the file in Finder. So if you have e.g. MMD Composer associated with .mmd files only and want easy interoperability, it could make sense to default to that extension.

    I only use .md to help e.g. Emacs and TextMate figure out which syntax to highlight. I don't distinguish between MMD/MD in these apps and go for MMD by default because it included MD.

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