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Quickly copy files (images) to media folder and create formatted media links using Keyboard Maestro

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The often requested feature for The Archive is image display. That may be coming but I feel comforted in the current all plain text environment. I feel my writing is helped without image distraction. That being said I still find value in referencing documents, whether images to other document types. Having them available with a link works both to reduce distraction and keep track of reference material.

To support one of my current workflows I created a Keyboard Maestro macro that will copy a file (any file) highlighted in Finder to the zettelkasten/media folder, appropriately changing the format of the name and then creates a correctly formatted link for pasting in a zettel. (i.e. . Bonus, it will handle more than one file at a time.

I'd like to thank Peter Lewis of Keyboard Maestro for his great help and instruction on iterating a variable which made handling multiple files possible.

Normally I'd post a photo of the macro built but is too long to take a screenshot with the tools I have at hand.
Once the macro is downloaded change appropriately to your /zettelkasten/media location, the trigger keys, and you should be good to go. If I figure out how to do a scrolling screenshot in an app, I'll post it here.


Will Simpson


  • Will Simpson

  • @Will: How did you do the scrolling screenshot? ;)

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    This is a function of Keyboard Maestro. Edit > Copy as > Copy as Image. I looked long and hard for a freeware Mac utility that would do scrolling screen capture but was left unsatisfied. This works great for longer KM macros but works only in this application.

    @Vinho's "Replace String in Titles" KM Macro

    Will Simpson

  • @Will: Thanks, that's useful to know! (and thanks for the image as well, although it's in the wrong thread ;))

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