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[REQUEST] Multiple Windows

edited March 24 in The Archive

I know this has been requested previously, but not as its own discussion thread.

The ability to have multiple windows does not add unneeded complexity to TA. It adds essential functionality. It allows you to keep your Table of Contents file (Structure Note) open while you can open another note in a new window. That allows you to continue to see the relationship of the new note in context to where it sits within the Structure Note.

Another use case: wanting to have two zettelkastens open at the same time: one being the main "Catch Everything" collection, and another being for Task Management, taking advantage of the wondrous [[wiki link]] ability of The Archive.

My workaround was to use the 1.2 beta as a second window, but that's a janky solution.

How easy is something like this to implement?


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