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[REQUEST] Title only search in the Omni Bar

edited March 15 in The Archive

Is there a way to do this? The Omni Bar does a great job with full-text search, very quick. But if I want to search for a term that is pretty common in my Zettelkasten then I get too much noise. If I know the title of a note that uses this same term I could more quickly get there if I could limit the Omni Bar search to just titles.

Will Simpson


  • I have the same need! Sometimes I want the note of ID 201903.... and nothing else. Also, when using URL scheme to link to a specific note from another app, a click on that link results in a list of every note containing that ID, not just the note I want to see. Maybe it’s just me who don’t use the URL scheme correctly (another problem is that notes with a multi word title becomes broken).

  • My workaround for this is to do the search in Finder and limit search to "title contains." It's not optimal, but on the other hand it's a great example of why plain text software-agnostic approaches are best :smile:

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