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Hook, a new application for making connections between files

I just read this article by Brett Terpstra (who will be known to some of you as the developer of nvALT, and a prolific blogger on Mac stuff). From his description (I haven't used the application myself yet) Hook seems like a very interesting solution to a problem that I think a lot of us have -- how to keep track of all the material that is related to a project, or even a small task. Of course, you can already do some of this in Scrivener, for example, or perhaps using DEVONthink, but there always seem to be cases when this doesn't quite work, and using DEVONthink is not to everyone's taste (it is a big program, and perhaps expensive for the average student or struggling writer). Anyway, have a look at the article and perhaps try out the software (it is in Beta) to see if it might help you. I shall certainly try it myself.



  • Thanks for the share

  • I looked at this, and it seems really cool, but I have concerns about this in terms of software agnostic futures. If anyone decides to play with this, I'd love a report on whether the metadata that it creates is useable in any way outside of the application itself.

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