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[REQUEST] Share Extension

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Hi ,

I have been using Drafts on ios and now on Mac. I find that using Drafts app as an external editor , I can add to the Archive notes if I cut and paste from the Drafts Mac app. However, it would be one step less if The Archive had a share extension.
Any chance that would be implemented?




  • I didn't know about Drafts for macOS. Wouldn't adding an output action to Drafts work as well, saving the file in the ~/path/to/your/notes/YYYYMMDD title.txt format? I do it this way on iOS at least. That's the beauty of Drafts, IMHO: you don't have to change any other apps since Drafts help you write the glue, i.e. actions, to make things work.

    That being said, app interoperability is on the to-do list! :)

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  • @ctietze True, except that Drafts for Mac is still in beta and Actions aren't ready yet! :-)

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