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Shortcut to hide and show note-list

Is there one or is this only possible through the menu? If I am working on The archive together with a different app in split view, my screen is too small to show The Archive with the note list on the left side, so I would like to hide it quickly.
A good alternative would be to show the note list above the note body, like it is possible in nvALT or FSNotes. But that doesn't seem possible currently in The Archive either...


  • In the "View" menu, you have 3 options to collapse and show the sidebars. You can assign custom shortcuts to these menu items from your System Preferences > Keyboard preferences pane.

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  • Thanks, Christian. I actually misinterpreted the option "Hide Sidebar", which already has a shortcut, for "Hide Saved Searches" (which I didn't really notice). Hiding the notes list and the saved searches together works just fine for me. Sorry for the unnecessary question.

  • Thanks, @Vinho for asking this question and thanks @ctietze for the pointer to the keyboard system settings. I hadn't realized that I could apply my own keyboard shortcuts for a specific application. I learned something new today.

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