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More than one

What becomes clearer to me with every comment in the discussions here is: there is more than one completely legitimate view on everything.

There is no one right way to create a ZK. Maybe we can discuss a definition of what a ZK is (as opposed to just simple notes). But sure in that definition there would be no mention of any tool. It would revolve around purpose.

So whatever tools are in use there are bound to be many approaches.

Some people like to be as independent as possible while still using digital tools, others don't mind some dependency in return for some kind of convenience.

Some people like their screen very "uncluttered" or "clean" with little information on it when browsing zettels, e.g. showing maybe just a title. Others like to have a richer display with more data from a zettel and even meta-data.

And so on...

Also some people might move from one perspective to the other. And why not?

ZK is about knowledge management. ZK is about evolution. People change their minds.

The tool landscape evolves? Some people like to address such change by decreasing their "attack surface", some people roll with change and change with the environment.

So it's all about plurality. As the Chemical Brothers put it: "There is no path to follow" :-)


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