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"Not a note" file reading error

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I'm getting this when I add my notes folder in preferences:
• not a note: /Users/my-user-name/Notes/note.md

How to fix?

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  • Could you be more precise in your description, please? It is pretty much unclear what you are trying to say. The only obvious understanding is that something isn't working for you and you probably are receiving an error message.

  • The Archive presents a dialog with indexing errors, like when files are read-only, or they are moved during the split second it takes to read them, or stuff like that. In other words, whenever the file system first reports the file is there, but when trying to read it, the app fails to find it.

    That being said, this error popping up at all is very rare.

    @timkl Could you check if you can rename, move, or delete from Finder, and edit the file from another editor? Does macOS prompt for your user credentials? (That means you do not have access to the file unless you obtain admin privileges.)

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