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Multimarkdown and wikilinks

apparently Wikilinks are deprecated by MMD since June.
I'd like to stay compatible with MMD in Zettel format as much as possible.
How is this going to impact The Archive ?
Thanks !


  • Is it possible to implement the Zettelkasten method by simply complying to Markdown or MMD ?

  • @phocee Can you point me to a deprecation note?

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  • June statement was a mistake sorry.

    I'm very new to the notion of Zettelkasten and The Archive (yesterday :smile: )

    I've used Simplenote, Bear, Qownnotes. I'm using VSC. Nextcloud and MardownEditor extension.
    And now The Archive.

    I'm now wondering how to use this concept in order to re-implement the type of personal Wiki I implemented years ago with Evernote. This time, with plaintext and as standard as possible syntax.

    This page indicates that Wikilinks are deprecated.

    I'm fearing to use [[exercices]] and to see SW step by steps abandonning support for it.

    If [[exercices]] is deprecated, should The Archive implement the same behaviour with exercices ?

    Sorry if my question has already been debated. I've read a lot but not all the post in zettelkasten yet.

  • should The Archive implement the same behaviour with

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