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Looking for the references of "Kommunikation mit Papiermaschinen"

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In 2010, Logos, a Russian-language journal of philosophy and humanities, published translation [1] of Markus Krajewski's chapter [2] from "Maschinentheorien / Theoriemaschinen" book. The full journal issue is open access available on the official website.

Unfortunately, citations in the in-text footnotes were only provided in the short form (Harvard). I found some full citations in "Paper machines" book (Krajewski, 2011), but I am still looking for the full bibliography list from the chapter.

  1. Коммуникация с бумажными машинами [Текст] : о картотеках Никласа Лумана / Маркус Краевски ; пер. с нем. Алексея Григорьева // Логос. 2010. № 1. С. 145-163.
  2. Krajewski, M. (2012) “Kommunikation mit Papiermaschinen. Über Niklas Luhmanns Zettelkasten”, in von Herrmann, H.-C. and Velminksi, W. (eds.). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag (Maschinentheorien / Theoriemaschinen), pp. 283–305.

P. S. Recommended reading

Also one other question: In addition to this exceptional website, can you recommend peer-reviewed articles or books in English on Zettelkasten method and other closely related topics? Maybe it will be very useful for everyone to create curated discussion here in the forum.


  • I didn't read Krajewski's text. But I have two ideas to get you further:

    1. Maybe paste a list of the short citations here so others can chime in and complete whatever they recognize,
    2. Send an email to Markus Krajewski. I remember him to be quite responsive to email a couple years back.

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  • Thanks, @ctietze. I've successfully followed your advice.

  • If you have the results, do you mind sharing for posterity? :)

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