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Help request: Am I using links wrong or is this unsupported/a bug?

My problem:
I create a wiki-style link in a note linking to a second note.
I rename the second note.
My wiki-style link now points to a non-existent note.

Is this how it's supposed to work? I figured because note titles are kind of 'id's for notes that it would somehow automatically update the wiki-style links... but maybe that was wrong.

Thanks anyone who has information about this!


  • Hey @onlyskin! The Archive does not rename all occurences of links for you. We advocate numerical, date-based Ids for this purpose. We also have planned to experiment with a feature that can take care of this for you, but probably not before we finish all version 1's planned features.

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  • Hey @ctietze, thanks for the reply, good to know I wasn't just missing it. I will go with date-based ids for now then!

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