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Total newbie needs help!

Hi, I am totally new to both the Zk system and this app. Just bought it today and installed on my Mac. I am a little stuck as I am not sure what steps I am supposed to take to take my first note. I created a new folder within dropbox and then I am kind of stuck. How do I start my first note? Any help would be great, thanks!


  • Figured it out, thanks!

  • @newzettelkid Great to hear you figured something out already! Mind to share what you did to get up to speed? :)

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  • @ctietze I am ashamed to tell you I forgot that only the top bar shows initially

    I was so stressed trying to make everything work (after having failed initially with the free zkn3 software which was my first foray into the whole digital zk thing) that I forgot this basic Mac feature, not knowing what to expect when I first installed it. So just shows you what a total noob I am :)

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