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clip to zettelkasten?

Hello dear People,
Being new to zettelkasten I'd like to introduce myself a little:
As a technical worker I swerve between macOS, windows, ios and android with a little scent of linux here and there. Several times in the past period I have tried / wanted to get on the orgmode / emacs bandwagon, but mostly I could not hold on due to the overwhelming amount of keyboard shortcuts needed and due to the differences of keyb layouts between azerty and querty.
A couple of years ago I changed religion to the querty belief, so this made things at least a little easier.
Zettelkasten intrigues me, and as I am an off and on user of nvAlt, I'd like to try out zettelkasten and see what it will bring.

My main question: are there any browser plug-ins or add ons to help clip selected parts to zettelkasten? Similar to zotero and others?

Thanks for helping out!


  • First of all, welcome! It's a great community here.

    It's not the simplest answer to your question. You tend to write zettels (the notes) in your own words, rather than clipping sections from someone else's words. You can store the reference to the original source with your note, to ensure you can get back to where you got your ideas from. There's a lot of writing about how and why all this works. The blog associated with this site is a fantastic starting point, and on top of that there's books like How to Take Smart Notes which I've found invaluable in my journey.

    Zettelkasten is a system of note-taking and storage, rather than a single tool or programme - hopefully you'll find it as useful as I do!

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