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The Archive v1.1.0 Is Out!

Thanks to all the bug reports and user suggestions here and via email, The Archive v1.1.0 is out, sporting sexier themes, less cramped user interface, and most notably rock-solid support for external changes to files managed by The Archive!

Huge applause to @Basil for spending so much time testing external file changes, and for keeping the PrettyFunctional theme up to date.

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  • Can I have expectations about being able to use it on my IPad Pro soon? :blush:

  • @Caio Only if you log into your Mac via VPN :)

    Seriously, I'm not planning to develop an iOS app anytime soon. Also, 1Writer is just too good on mobile devices.

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • http://christiantietze.de/

  • Fair enough my friend! I appreciate your time answering me, have a good one ;)

  • Being here since an early stage, it's nice to see how the app evolved... congrats @ctietze and @sfast

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