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Telekasten NeoVim plugin

"Listening" to videos about the Zig programming language, one was suggested about a presentation by our @rene of Sublimeless Zettelkasten fame. The video doesn't help with Zettelkasting at all, but the intro mentions his NeoVim plugin "Telekasten".

If there are #neovim users of this open source plugin here, please report your findings :)

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    I am an enthusiastic user of Telekasten.

    I engage with my notes using The Archive, Obsidian and sometimes other editors for specific application, like iA Writer and Taskpaper. I wanted something for neovim that would allow me to operate there with the same ease and transparency. I experimented with every repo I could find that dealt with [[links]] within markdown files, and telekasten was by far the most pleasantly useful of them all.

    It's based on telescope, which, if you're not familiar, means the primary interface is a nice popup menu for everything

    Perhaps my favorite feature is that "follow link" works similarly to how it does in The Archive - it's a search, not a direct link. Therefore, you get to see related notes in the list, which I find helpful.

    My one complaint is that the features involving "tags" don't work for me, but that's probably because of my (ludicrously large, because the namespace was polluted by experimental software) number of tags. And ag-backed search in word across files still works, so that does everything I need with tags.

    I will be happy to answer any more specific questions, but the main takeaway is, yeah, if you want to use neovim to work with markdown notes and you're used to either Obsidian or The Archive, telekasten is in my opinion the way to go.

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