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PC Software for using Zettelkasten?

Is your Archive software available for PC? Do I need to use another type of software?


  • Hi @GaryManders1

    The Archive isn't available for PC, unfortunately. I have been using Zettlr, which just released a significant upgrade to version 3.0.

    Version 3.0 relinks files with name changes, which means that I no longer need Obsidian to do this. It has other features that make it useful for maintaining a Zettelkasten, such as replacing the filename with the H1 header, which in my case includes the filename without the .md extension. I've had to design an alphanumeric ID system and an alphabetic indexing system around it (I don't find timestamps helpful), but it has a regular expression capability that can be configured to work with a variety of ID systems.

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