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Share your ZK plans for 17 July - 23 July 2022

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What are your plans for zettelkasting this week?

My plans for this coming week include continuing my deep dive into The Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux. Theroux's book is an interesting turn on the philosophy of travel. I'm connecting ideas about the philosophy of travel with relativity and space/time.

I'm starting the book The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki. I don't know what to expect at this point. The many layers of story in her first book moved me a lot: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. I just ordered The Book of Form and Emptiness via InterLibrarary Loan, and it took four months to get it (the anticipation built up my expectations!). It came across the country from the Yuma Public Library. Thanks, University of Idaho Library, for hunting it down and the community of Yuma for lending it!

Here are a few of the titles of zettel I've been working on last week. The top two in the list are still in my "#proofing" oven.

Intimate Travel Within 202207160757
The Block Universe 202207161523
B-Slipstream Time Hacking 202207161553
B-The Tao of Travel 202207091440
A-How Animals See Themselves 202207141208
Population, Cultural, and Seed Dispersion 202207130857
Umwelt Compassion 202207130858
Syndyasticon Zōon 202207140715
A-PD Pathology (NINDS) 202207130901
PD Clinical Trials 202207131645
A-Learning the Truth By Thinking 202207140716
The Dark Side of Flow 202207130855

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  • @Will said:
    What are your plans for zettelkasting this week?

    My plans for this coming week include continuing my deep dive into The Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux. Theroux's book is an interesting turn on the philosophy of travel. I'm connecting ideas about the philosophy of travel with relativity and space/time.

    You may have read the book "The Time Traveler's Wife"? More gist for your mill :smile:

  • This week begins with recovering around one hundred media files that were truncated to zero length in my Dropbox, probably due to an errant iOS or Android editing program. I may need a NAS in addition to cloud storage. Cross-OS compatibility isn't quite here.

    Had the thought of proceeding through several references simultaneously, following the inverse of the Cantor pairing function $(\langle x, y\rangle:\mathbb{N}\times\mathbb{N}\rightarrow\mathbb{N})$. Each row is a reference, and the columns are section or chapter numbers. Just a fantasy.

    Still plodding through a math project. I might say what it is here, instead of uploading a preprint, though both are possible...

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  • Previous week

    • We attended a wedding; that's the 3rd this year, and there's one more to come in September. That'll be 4 weddings out of a total of 6 I will have attended to my whole life. Feels quite busy :)
    • We harvested our first batch of potatos. Was 5 plants worth of "Solist" which apparently requires 130kg of nitrogen per hectar. Go figure. Anyway, ~13kg of potatoes harvested! And that was maybe 2 square meters of about 30 we planted potato crops on. That's gonna be a yuuuuuge harvest later this year. (Fork for size reference)

    I still have no script to quickly export a list of notes I modified, so my weekly retrospective is still limited to newly created notes:

    • 202207151417 Software team leadership should favor autonomy and alignment
    • 202207140952 Colorize CLI output with RGB hex codes in Ruby
    • 202207140924 Jira ticket links in org buffers with bug-reference-mode
    • 202207131809 Customize color of disclosure button in NSOutlineView
    • 202207131615 Search git log for a string that was removed or added
    • 202207131129 ME-Improved FM-Score. Old concept of @Sascha to track belly fat; I wrote a JavaScript tracking tool in 2013 but never extracted the gist into a note, I noticed.
    • 202207130859 Insert enumerating counter in Emacs macros

    This week

    • More work-work from ~8h--16h. Am a couple weeks into practicing to time-box the freelance work more, so I have larger uninterrupted chunks of time in the evening.
    • Get ahead of the ZK blog post editing curve. Finished 1 larger post last week, looking to get 2 more through by the end of this week.

    @ZettelDistraction From personal experience I can absolutely recommend Unraid (https://unraid.net/) to reclaim any old computer as a NAS. You can throw any old disks into an Unraid box and set them up in an "array" with parity drives, so you could lose as many drives as you have parity drives in the disk array before you begin to lose data. (Unlike RAID arrays, the disks don't need to be of the same size and it's basically "plug and play".) -- I'm a network and system admin noob, so this was rather nice to set up network drives.

    I went a step further and installed additional software (Nextcloud) to replace cloud storage. Works well for me so far, even for project collaborations. But exposing your NAS to the internet as a cloud storage server is a lot more involved. I do have notes on the topic in case you're interested and want to spend a weekend fiddling with everything ;)

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  • Forgot one thing for this week -- The Archive's theme support (or lack thereof) for table styling gets on my nerves with variable-width fonts. Pondering to reshuffle priorities there :grimace:

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    @ctietze Thanks for mentioning UNRAID. I vaguely recall encountering UNRAID over a decade ago, not quite as advanced if I am not mistaken. Before you mentioned UNRAID, I was considering either a Synology or QNAP NAS--now I am considering all three. There is no question that I have to do something. I like the idea of parity drives. Google's three-way copying is also supposed to be more reliable than RAID (I didn't check if UNRAID supports this).

    I don't want to expose a NAS to the Internet. That would probably mean supporting a VPN, etc. I had OpenVPN going in my wasted youth.

    UPDATE: typos and omissions corrected (and more introduced probably).

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  • @ZettelDistraction If you have the budget, a Synology would be nice. It's supposedly cheaper than QNAP, especially if one doesn't need the hardware to perform media transcoding or some such. The Synology DS718+ was recommended to me; the "+" line in general, actually. Rui Carmo uses a DS1019+ and is quite happy with it.

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  • @ctietze The higher-end Synology NAS configurations look like the way to go. I don't have a need to transcode media, however, running Linux/Ubuntu VMs for proof assistants and other software would be useful to me now.

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