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Downloadable/printable Book Notes PDFs

Possibly of interest: Dave Seah has a downloadable/printable PDF "Fast Book Outliner" form.


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    @Eurobubba this looks very promising. I am still struggling a bit with the big dichotomy between the pace at which i read and that with which i am able to notate. This is further complicated by the odd slips of time and inconvenient contexts where i am sometimes forced to catch up on my reading (waiting to pick up etc). This tool seems simpler and more manageable and also suitable to then translating to zettels later. Have you used this outline? Any thoughts on use?

  • I haven't used Dave's forms. I've been doing most of my book reading in electronic format using Tiago Forte's "progressive summarization" technique. (I like Tiago's emphasis on investing time progressively to fully digest only the information that actually turns out to be useful; I use zettels as a way implementing his Layers 4 and/or 5.)

    When I do take notes on a printed book, I like to use a legal pad on which I draw a line down the middle of each page to divide it into two columns. I'll write quotes and ideas that come directly from the book in the left-hand column, noting the page number. On the right I'll record any thoughts of my own that are triggered by the book, which are not necessarily closely related to its actual content. When I'm done I'll scan the pages to archive them, and if I decide they're worth the effort I may later sit down with the notes and zettelize them.

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