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Public issue tracker for feature requests?

@ctietze: Congratulations on the initial release of The Archive. I'm familiar with the roadmap and the forums, but I'm wondering if you've considered using a public issue tracker on GitHub or elsewhere to keep track of bugs and feature requests?

After a quick test drive, it certainly looks like a promising alternative to nvALT, but after using that (and countless other Markdown editors) for years, there are a number of features I've come to rely on in other tools that seem to be missing in The Archive, including:

  • Table of Contents/outline panel to show & navigate heading hierarchy
    (like Caret, FoldingText, LightPaper, MultiMarkdown Composer, MWeb, Typora)

  • "Go to symbol" navigation to jump to headings while editing (like Caret, Sublime Text)

  • Autocomplete note names when creating links (like nvALT or sublime_zk).
  • Support style declarations on syntax in themes (see example below)
    (This would permit dimmed hashes on ATX-style headings like in Byword and MarkdownEditing, or bold list markers with regular item text.)

    "h1": {
        "font": { "style": "bold" },
        "syntax": {
            "color": "#CCCCCC",
            // Not a tag ↑ 
            // ↓ Allow this: 
            "style": "regular"
  • Syntax highlighting for fenced codeblocks

  • Disable tag recognition in codeblocks, so hex colors aren't treated as tags (like in example above)
  • Show file modification dates & preview text in the sidebar like nvALT (currently filenames only)

Forums are certainly useful for community discussion, and bugs and features may be commonly discussed there, but they make it hard to keep track of the status of individual ideas — especially in cases like this where a single post may contain multiple suggestions.

Issue trackers make that easier, as suggestions can be opened, closed and tagged with version milestones and labels as appropriate to indicate status.

The app is shaping up nicely for a 1.0 version, but in its current state it would still require editing more complex notes in an external editor, and I'd prefer to use an app where that is seldom necessary.


  • Thanks for sending in your request! Most of these tasks are on my to-do list already, which should be good news :)

    I never liked any issue tracker I encountered that much, that's why we're still winging it on the forums, for example. I was pondering a public Trello board because the visualization makes it easier to see what's going on. GitHub is free and I know how to navigate around in it, but I'm not sure it's much of a help for less tech-savvy users. (Same with Jira etc.)

    Eventually we'll need to do something, but I'm not ready to migrate to one of the options I know about just yet.

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  • Any update on this? New (and so far very happy) user. Coming from nvAlt, and having adopted the convention of using IDs to title my files, the option to preview the content of a note on the sidebar would be quite convenient. At the moment, the only reason I title files with anything other than their id is so that I can get a quick idea of what the note is about when looking at the sidebar.

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