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Should I do multiple notes or one ?


I'm working on some notes and I'm a bit confused on the process I should use.

I have note which is about "Transform information into knowledge" where I talk about the differences between the two.

It comes from the Zettelkasten method, and it gave me ideas on many other subjects, like therapy, coaching and marketing.

I also already have a note that says "It's not about what you know, it's about what you do with what you know", talking about the ideas that knowledge is not enough, and that it's acting on knowledge that builds and create things. That note is also connected to coaching and therapeutic ideas.

I had some epiphanies and good concepts while working on those notes, and that created 2 other notes.

At first, I was writing everything in the first note "Transform information into knowledge" which was becoming almost like the start of an article. The "flow" got to me and I wrote some good ideas and made some good connections.

I'm new to Zettelkasten but I remember the Permanent / Evergreen notes should be atomic and if possible, quite short.

So I splited my "Transform information into knowledge" note into 5 different notes.

I now have 5 different notes, linked together, talking about the same idea.

In a MOC about Therapeutic Changes, I added all those 5 notes.

It's a bit confusing to me because naturally I would have kept "Transform information into knowledge" and let that note because a bit longer and like an "index" of all the others ideas, and put that note into my Therapeutic MOC.

And when I see examples here and there I feel like permanent notes are not "that short" and even sometimes, not that atomic.

What's the best method here in your opinion ? What's your take on this ?

Thanks a lot


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