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Viewing images

Any tips on how to view images from The Archive? In nvALT, of course, this was achieved via using the preview feature and Marked 2. Is there a similar process available for The Archive?
Thanks all.


  • To clarify: I understand how to insert them using the Markdown protocols as outlined by Sascha in his video post. What I don't get is how to view your notes with the images visible from inside the app. Thanks.

  • I could be wrong, but I don't think image visibility is fully implemented yet.

  • Thanks, @EricB. That would seem to be the case.

  • In the not too distant future, the plan is to show images inline, if possible, to avoid the HTML preview step altogether. You're right, at the moment you'd have to click the link that leads you to Finder and look at the picture there, which is not that convenient :)

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  • How soon is the 'not so distant future'? :smile:

    Also, are there plans to support the textbundle format or will the inline images be handled by simply referencing file locations?

  • It'll be referencing image files using the ![](path) syntax.

    I think .textbundle would be a better fit for writing and distribution of drafts. We want to make sure the source notes are 100% human readable with the plainest of tools.

    I cannot estimate when the inline image update will go live as there are a couple of prerequisites I have to implement. But be assured it's on the roadmap of this v1.x version, pretty high up :)

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  • Excited for .textbundle support!

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