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[DONE] [REQUEST] Searching via WikiLink for [[Person Name]] (Phrase Search)

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I'm looking at using The Archive for meeting notes because its speed and search are unparalleled. I'd like to have a "project" page where I list the people in a project, and then can search for every note that contains them.

However, if I have [[Firstname Lastname]] as a link, it will find all notes that have Firstname AND Lastname in them, but they don't have to be together. Thus, I get some false positives. If I try [["Firstname Lastname"]] or [[Firstname%20Lastname]] these both return no results.

Is there a way to do what I want? I'd rather not have to go back and modify my data and change peoples' names to CamelCase or equivalent, because a lot of these (about 1000) are imported notes, so I'm hoping there's an easy solution or (later I guess...) this could be an enhancement request.



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    Phrase search ("Firstname Lastname") will ship soon with an update. If you can wait a while, you won't need to change anything :)

    Also: interesting use case! Thanks for sharing that.

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  • @CatOne: this is now implemented in the 1.0.2 "Cutting Edge" version. Check that out. [["Firstname Lastname"]] should work.

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  • Excellent, this works great! Thanks :)

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