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Activate The Archive for Search (using Keyboard Maestro)

Here is another little convenience macro for The Archive.

I'm trying to replace the formidable (but aging) nvALT with The Archive. There is one functionality of nvALT I'm really missing. nvALT let's you set a global keyboard shortcut to summon nvAlt from everywhere and start searching right away.

I use a very basic Keyboard Maestro macro to get that functionality back. It does only two things:
1. Bring The Archive to the front (in my case, with the global shortcut cmd+F9)
2. Hit cmd+L to jump into the omni search bar

With this macro I can hit my shortcut and instantly type along my search demands. This is no rocket science but it feels so much faster than command-tabbing to The Archive (or god forbid, crawling through the Dock with that mouse-thing) before I can start my search.

You can download the macro if you want to try it for yourself.



  • I've got one that's similar, but goes a little farther. I don't have an easy way to host, but the Macro is simple enough to post via image:

    This Macro (which is part of my larger Notetaking Macro Group and would need to bound to its own key for anyone else) tosses up a KM input box and then uses the URL scheme provided by The Archive to launch an immediate search.

    This is Me

  • Never would I have thought anyone ever uses that feature of NV :)@apoc527 you should be able to attach files to posts here, if needed!

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

  • @ctietze: ok, that is interesting. I guess that is still my #1 feature in nvALT and one of the main reasons I still use(d) it daily: fast and frictionless access to every word in my "zettelbrain". It feels way, way faster than any other search workflow I tried (and I tried some - Spotlight, Launchbar, HoudahSpot, DevonThink, Ulyssess ...). Of course it depends on your personal use case and your milage may surely vary. Looking up things in reference documents covers a significant amount of what I'm using my Zettelkasten for. And seeing a result list narrowing down in real time while I type - well it has something gratifying about it :-)

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