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Better Method of Naming files?

Hi all,

Currently, I have The Archive set to create a new note with a Zettel ID. Then I use a TextExpander snippet to create the title, which looks like this:

Workx - Meeting Notes - 2018-03-26 tags: # [[201803261226]]
(note that TextExpander the positions the cursor after the #, but with the new KM macro, I may ditch that part)

A few questions about this workflow:

  1. I'm using TextExpander to generate the pseudo-Zettel ID in the snippet. It's usually right, but it can be off by a bit if I'm being slow with typing it in or when I create multiple new files in the same minute. Is there a better way to get the note's Zettel ID in the note itself?
  2. When I'm done, I usually add a level 1 header # to the first line (or type it first and then activate my snippet), and then I have to cut and paste the actual name (starting with Workx and ending with the date), hit ⌘R to rename, hit a key to deselect the Zettel ID and position the cursor, hit ⌘V and then finally hit Return to finalize.

It's kind of a long process. Is there a better way to name my notes?

This is Me


  • Hi @apoc527,

    If Keyboard Maestro is an option for you: I would do this with a macro like this (download it here):

    Basically this macro creates an appropriate file itself and opens it in The Archive (please note: in it's current state The Archive seems not to be able to open text files by dropping/sending it from the Finder, so the Open URL in the last step is a workaround). Of course you might adjust your archive path, your shortcut and the information that is pre-written to the file.


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