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Esoteric theologian striving to put rubber to the road

Hello. I am a Catholic deacon and write parables (fiction) and non-fiction. www.deaconpatrick.org.

I have long struggled with the many and various apps and tools and systems. DevonThink, Yojimbo, Tinderbox, GTD, Voodoo Pad, plain text in iA Writer, Things, et al. I've experienced info management tools to generally be designed to work from details --> concept. I, on the other hand, think from concept --> smaller concept --> details? rubber? road?

A huge part of my challenge is my bludgeoned brain and lack of memory (blessed to retain some aspect of my executive function and conceptual thought and writing). However, I also realized I approach the world from the opposite direction from most people: Concept to more detailed concept and there is a fuzzy cloud of details somewhere below that.

I need a system of notes that aids my bringing them down to earth. It looks like I've finally found in The Archive, the playground I need to wrangle the low level concepts and possibly even some of the details.

I am using The Archive to populate research, quotes, characters, plots, mid-level project management etc. and so far finding it very helpful. I am just diving in and seeing how it all works with me and me with it.

Thus, hello, and may Christ startle you with joy!


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